Language Skills: Words for the Month of August

How do you study the monthly Word List with your child? I ask because I haven’t, and we’re already halfway through August!

Words for this month are rather easy and many are words that our children are already familiar with and probably use in their daily conversations both at home and in the classroom.

Here are some fun ways to help our children learn these words:

You may want to download the printable copy here and the answer key here. You can also make your own Word Search puzzles here.

You may download the printable copy here and you can make your own crossword puzzles here.

Download a printable copy here or make your own puzzles here.

I guess that’s enough puzzle for the day. How long would it take for your child to finish the puzzles, do you think? I’d love to hear feedback from you. Don’t be shy to make comments below this post.

Thanks Moms and Dads! Enjoy and do something unforgettable this long weekend with your family!


Learning Skills: Following Directions


Today, Dylan brought home his corrected exam papers for my signature. He didn’t fail in any of his exams, but he could have gotten higher marks if he followed the given directions in exam papers.

So yes, I am feeling a bit sour at the moment, not towards Dylan but to myself for not making sure that he understood what’s most important in any exams: FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. 

Case in point:

In his exam in Filipino, the instruction was:

Piliin ang titik ng tamang sagot. Isulat ang titik sa patlang. (Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write the letter in the blank.)

___ 1. Ano ang huling titik ng manok?

a. m        b. n         c. k           d. a

Dylan answered k, and he wrote k in the blank.

He answered in the same way for the next three items.

He knew all the correct answers but wrote the wrong ones on paper.

In any other exams later in his life, this would be marked wrong.

I am thankful to his teacher, Teacher A, for giving due consideration to my son’s difficulty in following directions in this instance.

Another case in point:

In answering his Araling Panlipunan exam, I forgot to teach him that in a multiple choice question type of exam:

  1.  He must carefully read the question and the choices FIRST before he decide on an answer;
  2. In deciding on an answer, he must choose the BEST answer;
  3. When he changed his mind about an answer, he must erase the previous one, otherwise, he would have two answers and it would automatically be marked wrong.

I did some quick research on how to teach my son to follow directions. I realized that it’s not enough to tell my 5-year-old, “Anak, you must listen to your teacher carefully when she reads the instructions, okay?”

In this article, Following Directions: A Skill Worth Teaching, the author took note of the fact that following directions is an acquired skill.  Also in this article are links to lessons on how to teach students on how to follow instructions.

All things considered — the questions were pretty tough too — I think my Dylan did a good job with his exams. He studied hard and spent lots of precious hours studying. He learned many new things and most of all, his reading and writing has improved a lot  in the few months that he’s in Grade 1.

Great job Dylan! I love you son! Next periodicals, we will ace it!


Parts of a Book

Here are the parts of a book based on Dylan’s lecture notes below which I also very proudly posted on my facebook via Instagram today. 🙂

dylan parts of a book

Dylan claims his lecture is complete, so I’ll take his word for it. 🙂

You will notice that I made some corrections on the presentation. Instead of Page Title, I put Title Page, and instead of Copy Page (which is probably also correct, but I can’t find a reference that would say so. Help!) I had put Copyright Page.

By the way, the book in the picture is Dylan’s (and mine too) recent favorite. We sooo love Curious George. I was ecstatic when we found this book on Booksale in NepoMall here in Angeles City at a very good price of Php185.00. The copy is almost new, cover is near perfect.

If it’s okay with Dylan, we’ll lend it to anyone of his classmates who wants to read about Curious George too. 🙂

Complete Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Here’s Teacher A’s lecture on Metamorphosis of a Butterfly. Thank you Mommy Jo for posting it and for Mommy Gracie for helping me locate it at our Facebook group.

Metamorphosis of a butterfly

(Life cycles)

Butterfly and moths undergo complete life cycles in which they go through four different life stages.

First stage Egg – butterfly starts its life as egg.

2nd Larva – (caterpillar) hatches from an egg.

Photo (c)2007 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man)

3rd Pupa – it turns into pupa. This is the resting stage

Photo by Greyson Orlando

4th Adult – A beautiful butterfly comes out

Photo by Kenneth Dwain Harrelson

It takes 10 – 15 days before a butterfly comes to live….[life]

Now, here’s a really cool video capturing the complete life cycle of a monarch butterfly. I showed this video to Dylan moments ago and he was really amazed, whilst I, however, cringed at the sight of those many tiny legs of the caterpillar and then later on, a butterfly. 🙂 But seriously, they are lovely creatures.

That is all for now. Too bad about the unannounced English test today, huh? I was suddenly reminded of the surprise quizzes that my teachers / professors used to give us back in our high school and college days. It wasn’t funny then, nor is it now.

Goodnight Moms, Dads and the little ones! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Exam Reviewer: Computer

Since no pointers for review were provided for the exam on Computer subject, us parents would just have to go by the textbook and see what topics were already discussed / taught in class.

Judging by Dylan’s book, the class had gone through the whole Unit 1 (Lessons 1 -8). But boy, the topics discussed in the book weren’t easy, and there are quite a lot of things to remember. Good thing, though, as Teacher A mentioned through one of the parents in our Facebook Group, the exam will be mostly identification through matching type. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is so. 🙂

Maybe it’s already late in the day , but I am still posting the Quizlet sets that I made for Dylan. I was really hoping that since the exam schedule tomorrow is for English and Science, that the exam on Computer will be on the 4th day. Anyhow, don’t seem to have any say on this, and besides, the 4-day suspension of classes and the whole weekend should have given us enough time to review all the subjects. Yeah, right! The whole week had been a real treat for Dylan, he didn’t want to see or hear about any quizlet set at all. He just played, played, played and played.

But enough about that. Here’s the links to the Quizlet sets:

Lesson 1. You Friendly Computer

What a Computer Can and Cannot Do

The Computer as a Tool (Match the Picture)

Lesson 2. The Story of Computers

Different Computing Devices before the Computer

Picture History of Computer

Lesson 3. Computers in Different Places

The Different Places where Computers are Used

Lesson 4. Parts of a Computer

Input Devices

Output Devices

Storage Devices

Combined Quizlet Sets the 11 Different Computer Devices

Lesson 5. How a Computer Works

(I don’t think this lesson was discussed in class. Dylan did not answer any of the exercises on How a Computer Works.)

Lesson 6. The Computer System

Hardware, Software or People

Lesson 7. How to Operate a Computer

Switching On

Switching Off

Lesson 8. Caring for your Computer

(I was going to do another set for Do’s and Don’ts, however I realized that with so little time left to review, it is unnecessary with it clearly illustrated in the book.)

I do hope that you will still have time to review your little ones for this subject. I am praying that Dylan will wake up early enough tomorrow and be in the mood to study some more before he goes to school for the exams.

With that, I bid you all goodnight, and goodluck Mommies, Daddies and little angels of SPED Grade 1. 🙂



Exam Reviewer: Araling Panlipunan

Photo from

You’ll notice that aside from the usual Quizlet sets, I embedded videos and photos on this post. I think these topics are best learned with visuals, don’t you? 

Here are the pointers to review for the first periodical exam in Araling Panlipunan:

  1. Sino ang mga Pilipino?
  2. Anyong Lupa
  3. Anyong Tubig
  4. Yamang Lupa
  5. Yamang Tubig
  6. Magagandang Tanawin

Again, here are links to Quizlet on these topics:

1. Sino ang mga Pilipino? 

Here’s the link to my other page on this topic.


a. Mga Anyong-Lupa

b. Mga Anyong-Lupa (Tama o Mali)


Iba’t ibang anyong-tubig

Anyong-Tubig — Tama o Mali

a. Karagatan

Here’s an amazing video clip that shows the wonders of an ocean and its living creatures, big and small. Enjoy this with your child.

b. Dagat

When I think of the sea, this song comes instantly to mind…  Go on, sing with us… 🙂

c. Ilog

Watch the mighty Amazon River and the dolphins (yes, dolphins!) that inhabits this greatness. (Note: You may want to skip the ad.)

d. Lawa

Photos by Gubernatoria from Wikipedia article, Lakes of the Philippines.

d. Talon 

Here’s a short video clip of the Maria Cristina Falls.

To be continued on my next post. It is 11:45pm, it’s a cold night with the terrible monsoon rain that just won’t stop. My heart goes out to our countrymen affected by the floods who, instead of staying safely in their own homes and sleep in their own beds must now stay in evacuations centers. 

Until tomorrow then, goodnight and stay safe folks!

Exam Reviewer: Science

Pointers to review for the first quarterly exam in Science:

  1. Body Parts and their Functions
  2. Food Groups
  3. Animals

Dylan’s lecture notes on this subject are somewhat unreliable as they are sometimes incomplete so I rely heavily on the lecture photos posted by dedicated parents of Dylan’s classmates in our Facebook group. Thank you especially to Mrs. dela Cruz and her husband for posting lecture photos almost every school day. Such a big help!

Here’s a list of Quizlet links that my husband and I made for this subject to help Dylan to review:

1. Body Parts and their Functions

Shall we begin with a song? 🙂

a. Limbs

b. Skin

c. Eyes and Nose

d. Ears and Tongue

e. 5 Body Parts and their Functions

f. Head, Trunk and Limbs

2. Food Groups

a. Things You Need to Grow

b. Things You Need to Grow (Book Summary)

3. Animals

a. Parts of a carabao and their uses

b. Parts of a fish

c. Movements of Animals

d. Animals that you can find inside and outside your home

I am probably missing some topics, if so, kindly please let me know by posting them on our FB group. Thanks!

Exam Reviewer: English

Here are the pointers to review for the First Periodical Exams in English:

  1. Consonant Clusters
  2. Vowel Sounds
  3. Arranging Words in ABC Order
  4. Rhyming Words

Now here’s a list of links for Quizlet sets, online activities and worksheets to help our First Grader review in English:

1. Consonant Clusters

The L Blend, More on L Blend

The R Blend

The S Blend

2. Vowel Sounds

SHORT VOWELS  SOUNDS – a, e, i, o, u –






Created by, this is an interactive game to test your child’s understanding of vowel sounds.

3.  Arranging words in ABC order

Worksheets 1st and 2nd Letters

4.  Rhyming Words

Words that Rhyme

More Words that Rhyme (based on Lesson 22 Enjoying Nursery Rhymes)

I’m a Little Tea Pot 




First Quarter Exams, Done! No more cramming next time, I swear!

[As it turns out, my son’s 1st Quarter Exams is not until next week. What they took on Aug. 2 and 3 was a regional assessment exam, information that most parents in my son’s class seem to know about but us. Just what kind of mother am I!?!]

[Another note: It seems that I am not the only one who was quite oblivious of the aforementioned fact. Quite a few parents were as confused as I was. Well, now, the question should be: How are parents informed of the activities in class? Hmmm…]


Ah, yes. Now we can breathe, Dylan, his Dad and I.

My son’s two-day First Periodical Exams ended today.The last few days have been grueling for us with so much to concepts and information to stuff in his brain in so short a time. In the process, I realized that rather than helping my son review, it seems to me that I actually spent more time worrying and feeling awful about myself for not being a more organized mother when it comes to his study habits, a mother who’d spend at least two hours each day with her child to go over the lessons and make sure that he/she understood all the new concepts he/she was  taught in class that day.

Study, study, study!

Instead, I subjected Dylan to the painful consequences of my own bad study habit while I was also a student — cramming. I was a diligent and consistent crammer. Exams, projects, term papers, you name it, I was your last-minute girl. Never was I the one who would jump right into the task at hand. Most times, while most of my classmates had turned in their research projects, I still haven’t decided on my research topic! No, I am not a slow worker, or a slow learner, I was just lazy and would rather do other things, more fun things. Whenever I would try to start a project, my mind would wonder elsewhere, if not deeper into the given project theme or subject, that would lead me to more topics (most times, off-topic) until I am completely at a loss of what I should actually look for. Stuck, I would stay stuck until it is 24-hours before deadline. When this timer starts ticking, I go into panic mode and with very little food and no sleep, I’d work and finish my task. Result: lousy.

No, I don’t want Dylan or Liam to end up like me — feeling disappointed and dismayed with myself at the results of my work because I know I could have done so much better had I been a more organized student.

With that, I am making this promise to myself: I will teach my children not to be like their mother. And unlike their mother, they will learn that excellence is borne out of thinking ahead, diligence, patience and focus, among other GTD methods that I have yet to research. 😉

That, I believe now, is how work, excellent work, is done.

Gosh, it is so out of context, but why am I suddenly hearing Scar belt out “Be Prepared“? Did I sound as grim in this post? 🙂 I hope not.

I have so many ideas (most of it fun, I promise) to guide my boys to become better learners, do their best and excel in all that they do. And I am so excited to share them all with you in my upcoming posts.

For now, I must bid you, my friends, goodbye, and goodnight! 🙂




Liam Going Green: Project 1

I am happy with Liam’s most recent Science  project. Liam, by the way, is my 7th Grader.

The project is about recycling, requiring them to find and collect recyclable items commonly found at home within six weeks and then sell these to the neighborhood junk shop.

I learned only of the project on its second week when I asked him why he’s been coming home from school bearing bags full of C2 Apple and mineral water plastic bottles. I thought, “How nice! My son’s learning to recycle!”

Here’s the weekly documentation of his collection:

I think he had fun with this project (me too!) specially when the time came that he had to sell his “good junk” to the nearest junk shop. We don’t have a car and the next best thing is the tricycle which took us to there in less than 5 minutes. Yes, the place is that near, and if only we didn’t have two sacks full of plastic and glass bottles, a Pentium 3 computer CPU, keyboard, hard disk drive and those China-made DVD players, we would have just walked. 🙂

Here’s some photos of the junk shop and events that took place there.

Sacks full of good junk

Appraisal? 🙂


We have a deal!

At the Window 1 Cashier. Yahoo! Money, money, money!

Oh look, a receipt!

Yes, a receipt!

We received P182.00 (about US$4.50) for the junk. Not bad, according to Liam. We used the money to pay for the tricycle fare, photo printing and to buy that anime DVD that Liam’s going on about this whole weekend. 🙂


Save those plastic bottles. They’re worth something. Sell those damaged appliances, computer monitors, CPUs and all those other “junk” that’s only been collecting dust and occupies space in your house for the past five or so years, thinking someday you or somebody else will fix them. It’s time you part with them. 🙂

‘Til next post, and have a great week ahead!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple # 2

Here’s my snapshot of the recently issued and very purple One Hundred Peso bills from the Philippines. There was a time when having this much in your wallet is enough to get you and your family through the week. Now, it won’t do, not even for a day.

Dylan, My Young Learner

In a few short days, my son Dylan will be taking his first periodical exams as a Grade One student. I don’t know about the other parents, but I am horrified at the thought of my son not doing well in most, if not all of his subjects. This is due mostly to the fact that I hate seeing the sad expression on my son’s face when he shows me his test papers and well, he didn’t get high marks despite our effort. On the other hand, my heart rejoices when I see my son, happy and proud, when he shows me a 100% mark in his seat works or quizzes.

I am really very curious to know what parents of honor students do to help their children make it to that spot. How many hours a day do they spend teaching their children, what materials they use, how they teach, what magic they do to encourage their children to enjoy schooling. What are they doing right, and us, me, wrong?

I know my son is smart, inquisitive, ponderous and very sensitive. I think, in more ways than one, he is like me. And like me, he doesn’t seem to like the classroom setup all that much. At least that’s what I gather from his classroom stories (or lack of it) and how he tells me that he cried at least three times because he missed me so much. I thought he was pulling my leg or was simply charming me (he does that, a lot!) but I saw that he’d written “I miss Mamy, Love Dylan”  in all (YES, ALL) his notebooks and textbooks, and it is heartbreaking to see.

Lately though, at least the past two days, he makes it a point to tell me that he is no longer unhappy when he is in school. He said, “Mommy, hindi na ko umiiyak,” “Mommy, I don’t cry [in school] anymore,” and “Mommy, nagawa ko lecture ko.” “Mommy I finished all my lectures.” 

In our Grade I Pascal Facebook group, I noticed that most mommies like myself are also very conscious / anxious of their child’s class performance. It is heartwarming to see that I am not the only one freaking out. 🙂 Okay, perhaps “freaking out” is a bit of an exaggeration, but this much I know: we all want our children to do well, to excel, to learn and ultimately, be HAPPY while they’re at it.

I am making this blog for us, the Mommy Brigade.

Here you may expect to find lots of ideas that I nick, pick and pinch from lots of different sites and maybe some of my own. Worksheets, quizzes, reading materials, online activity sites, photos, games, and more.

I would love it if other mommies/daddies would share their ideas (and magic) too. Then, this blog will be true to its name.

Oh, Dylan’s back from school and I should go kiss him now!

Bye then, ’til next time!




Exam Reviewer: Araling Panlipunan (Part 3)


Continued from previous post.



5. Yamang-tubig

Iba’t ibang Yamang-Tubig

Bakit Mahalaga ang Tubig

Pangangalaga sa Yamang-Tubig

Combined Set for Yamang-Lupa and Yamang-Tubig

6. Magagandang Tanawin


Magagandang Tanawin sa Pilipinas

1. Lungsod ng Vigan — matatagpuan sa Ilocos, mga lumang bahay ang makikita dito. Kasama sa World Heritage List ng UNESCO.

Photo from


2. Hagdan-hagdang Palayan sa Banawe — palayang inukit ng mga Ifugao sa gilid ng bundok.

Hagdan-hagdang Palayan sa Banawe
Photo from


3. Lungsod ng Baguio — malamig ang klima, maraming turista. Summer Capital ng Pilipinas.


Lungsod ng Baguio
Photo from


4. Ang Hundred Islands — matatagpuan sa Alaminos, Pangasinan. Paboritong puntahan ng mga turista. Mahigit isangdaang pulo sa malinis na dagat.

Ang Hundred Islands
Photo by


5. Ang Rizal Park o Luneta — napakalawak na parkeng matatagpuan sa Maynila. Kilala bilang “Bagumbayan” noong panahon ng Espanyol. Dito binaril si Dr. Jose Rizal.


Ang Rizal Park o Luneta
Photo by

6. Ang Las Pinas Bamboo Organ — organong kawayan na matatagpuan sa Simbahan ng St. Joseph sa Las Pinas.


Las Pinas Bamboo Organ
Photo from



6. Ang Lungsod ng Tagaytay — malamig din ang klima, masarap magpiknik at mamasyal. Natatanaw dito ang Bulkang Taal.


Ang Lungsod ng Tagaytay
Photo from


7. Ang Talon ng Pagsanjan — pinakatanyag na pasyalan sa Laguna. Masarap mamangka sa ilog na mabilis ang agos patungo sa talon.

Talon ng Pagsanjan
Photo from


8. Bulkang Mayon — matatagpuan sa Albay. Maraming tao ang pumupunta dito upang makita ang perpektong hugis ng bulkang ito.


Bulkang Mayon
Photo from



9. Isla ng Boracay — Matatapuan sa Visayas. Putim-puti at malapulbos na buhangin sa dalampasigan nito. Dinarayo ng maraming turista tuwing panahon ng tag-init.


Ang Isla ng Boracay
Photo from



10. Simbahan ng Pan-ay sa Capiz — matatagpuan din sa Visayas. Dito matagpuan ang pinakamalaking kampana sa Pilipinas.

Simbahan ng Pan-ay sa Capiz
Photo from


11. Ang Krus ni Magellan — matatagpuan din sa Visayas. Ito ang krus sa Cebu na itinayo ni Magellan bilang simbolo ng pagdating ng Kristiyanismo sa Pilipinas.


Krus ni Magellan sa Cebu
Photo from


12. Ang Chocolate Hills — Matatagpuan pa rin sa Visayas. Dinarayo ng mga turista sa panahon ng tag-init dahil nagiging kulay tsokolate ang mga puno sa mga burol na ito.



Ang Chocolate Hills sa Bohol
Photo from


13. Ang Tulay ng San Juanico — nasa Visayas din ito. Pinakamahabang tulay sa buong Pilipinas na nagdudugtong sa mga lalawigan ng Leyte at Samar.


Ang Tulay ng San Juanico
Photo from