Language Skills: Words for the Month of August

How do you study the monthly Word List with your child? I ask because I haven’t, and we’re already halfway through August!

Words for this month are rather easy and many are words that our children are already familiar with and probably use in their daily conversations both at home and in the classroom.

Here are some fun ways to help our children learn these words:

You may want to download the printable copy here and the answer key here. You can also make your own Word Search puzzles here.

You may download the printable copy here and you can make your own crossword puzzles here.

Download a printable copy here or make your own puzzles here.

I guess that’s enough puzzle for the day. How long would it take for your child to finish the puzzles, do you think? I’d love to hear feedback from you. Don’t be shy to make comments below this post.

Thanks Moms and Dads! Enjoy and do something unforgettable this long weekend with your family!


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