Exam Reviewer: Computer

Since no pointers for review were provided for the exam on Computer subject, us parents would just have to go by the textbook and see what topics were already discussed / taught in class.

Judging by Dylan’s book, the class had gone through the whole Unit 1 (Lessons 1 -8). But boy, the topics discussed in the book weren’t easy, and there are quite a lot of things to remember. Good thing, though, as Teacher A mentioned through one of the parents in our Facebook Group, the exam will be mostly identification through matching type. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is so. 🙂

Maybe it’s already late in the day , but I am still posting the Quizlet sets that I made for Dylan. I was really hoping that since the exam schedule tomorrow is for English and Science, that the exam on Computer will be on the 4th day. Anyhow, don’t seem to have any say on this, and besides, the 4-day suspension of classes and the whole weekend should have given us enough time to review all the subjects. Yeah, right! The whole week had been a real treat for Dylan, he didn’t want to see or hear about any quizlet set at all. He just played, played, played and played.

But enough about that. Here’s the links to the Quizlet sets:

Lesson 1. You Friendly Computer

What a Computer Can and Cannot Do

The Computer as a Tool (Match the Picture)

Lesson 2. The Story of Computers

Different Computing Devices before the Computer

Picture History of Computer

Lesson 3. Computers in Different Places

The Different Places where Computers are Used

Lesson 4. Parts of a Computer

Input Devices

Output Devices

Storage Devices

Combined Quizlet Sets the 11 Different Computer Devices

Lesson 5. How a Computer Works

(I don’t think this lesson was discussed in class. Dylan did not answer any of the exercises on How a Computer Works.)

Lesson 6. The Computer System

Hardware, Software or People

Lesson 7. How to Operate a Computer

Switching On

Switching Off

Lesson 8. Caring for your Computer

(I was going to do another set for Do’s and Don’ts, however I realized that with so little time left to review, it is unnecessary with it clearly illustrated in the book.)

I do hope that you will still have time to review your little ones for this subject. I am praying that Dylan will wake up early enough tomorrow and be in the mood to study some more before he goes to school for the exams.

With that, I bid you all goodnight, and goodluck Mommies, Daddies and little angels of SPED Grade 1. 🙂




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