Exam Reviewer: Araling Panlipunan

Photo from mamimokito.wordpress.com

You’ll notice that aside from the usual Quizlet sets, I embedded videos and photos on this post. I think these topics are best learned with visuals, don’t you? 

Here are the pointers to review for the first periodical exam in Araling Panlipunan:

  1. Sino ang mga Pilipino?
  2. Anyong Lupa
  3. Anyong Tubig
  4. Yamang Lupa
  5. Yamang Tubig
  6. Magagandang Tanawin

Again, here are links to Quizlet on these topics:

1. Sino ang mga Pilipino? 

Here’s the link to my other page on this topic.


a. Mga Anyong-Lupa

b. Mga Anyong-Lupa (Tama o Mali)


Iba’t ibang anyong-tubig

Anyong-Tubig — Tama o Mali

a. Karagatan

Here’s an amazing video clip that shows the wonders of an ocean and its living creatures, big and small. Enjoy this with your child.

b. Dagat

When I think of the sea, this song comes instantly to mind…  Go on, sing with us… 🙂

c. Ilog

Watch the mighty Amazon River and the dolphins (yes, dolphins!) that inhabits this greatness. (Note: You may want to skip the ad.)

d. Lawa

Photos by Gubernatoria from Wikipedia article, Lakes of the Philippines.

d. Talon 

Here’s a short video clip of the Maria Cristina Falls.

To be continued on my next post. It is 11:45pm, it’s a cold night with the terrible monsoon rain that just won’t stop. My heart goes out to our countrymen affected by the floods who, instead of staying safely in their own homes and sleep in their own beds must now stay in evacuations centers. 

Until tomorrow then, goodnight and stay safe folks!


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