First Quarter Exams, Done! No more cramming next time, I swear!

[As it turns out, my son’s 1st Quarter Exams is not until next week. What they took on Aug. 2 and 3 was a regional assessment exam, information that most parents in my son’s class seem to know about but us. Just what kind of mother am I!?!]

[Another note: It seems that I am not the only one who was quite oblivious of the aforementioned fact. Quite a few parents were as confused as I was. Well, now, the question should be: How are parents informed of the activities in class? Hmmm…]


Ah, yes. Now we can breathe, Dylan, his Dad and I.

My son’s two-day First Periodical Exams ended today.The last few days have been grueling for us with so much to concepts and information to stuff in his brain in so short a time. In the process, I realized that rather than helping my son review, it seems to me that I actually spent more time worrying and feeling awful about myself for not being a more organized mother when it comes to his study habits, a mother who’d spend at least two hours each day with her child to go over the lessons and make sure that he/she understood all the new concepts he/she was  taught in class that day.

Study, study, study!

Instead, I subjected Dylan to the painful consequences of my own bad study habit while I was also a student — cramming. I was a diligent and consistent crammer. Exams, projects, term papers, you name it, I was your last-minute girl. Never was I the one who would jump right into the task at hand. Most times, while most of my classmates had turned in their research projects, I still haven’t decided on my research topic! No, I am not a slow worker, or a slow learner, I was just lazy and would rather do other things, more fun things. Whenever I would try to start a project, my mind would wonder elsewhere, if not deeper into the given project theme or subject, that would lead me to more topics (most times, off-topic) until I am completely at a loss of what I should actually look for. Stuck, I would stay stuck until it is 24-hours before deadline. When this timer starts ticking, I go into panic mode and with very little food and no sleep, I’d work and finish my task. Result: lousy.

No, I don’t want Dylan or Liam to end up like me — feeling disappointed and dismayed with myself at the results of my work because I know I could have done so much better had I been a more organized student.

With that, I am making this promise to myself: I will teach my children not to be like their mother. And unlike their mother, they will learn that excellence is borne out of thinking ahead, diligence, patience and focus, among other GTD methods that I have yet to research. 😉

That, I believe now, is how work, excellent work, is done.

Gosh, it is so out of context, but why am I suddenly hearing Scar belt out “Be Prepared“? Did I sound as grim in this post? 🙂 I hope not.

I have so many ideas (most of it fun, I promise) to guide my boys to become better learners, do their best and excel in all that they do. And I am so excited to share them all with you in my upcoming posts.

For now, I must bid you, my friends, goodbye, and goodnight! 🙂





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