Dylan, My Young Learner

In a few short days, my son Dylan will be taking his first periodical exams as a Grade One student. I don’t know about the other parents, but I am horrified at the thought of my son not doing well in most, if not all of his subjects. This is due mostly to the fact that I hate seeing the sad expression on my son’s face when he shows me his test papers and well, he didn’t get high marks despite our effort. On the other hand, my heart rejoices when I see my son, happy and proud, when he shows me a 100% mark in his seat works or quizzes.

I am really very curious to know what parents of honor students do to help their children make it to that spot. How many hours a day do they spend teaching their children, what materials they use, how they teach, what magic they do to encourage their children to enjoy schooling. What are they doing right, and us, me, wrong?

I know my son is smart, inquisitive, ponderous and very sensitive. I think, in more ways than one, he is like me. And like me, he doesn’t seem to like the classroom setup all that much. At least that’s what I gather from his classroom stories (or lack of it) and how he tells me that he cried at least three times because he missed me so much. I thought he was pulling my leg or was simply charming me (he does that, a lot!) but I saw that he’d written “I miss Mamy, Love Dylan”  in all (YES, ALL) his notebooks and textbooks, and it is heartbreaking to see.

Lately though, at least the past two days, he makes it a point to tell me that he is no longer unhappy when he is in school. He said, “Mommy, hindi na ko umiiyak,” “Mommy, I don’t cry [in school] anymore,” and “Mommy, nagawa ko lecture ko.” “Mommy I finished all my lectures.” 

In our Grade I Pascal Facebook group, I noticed that most mommies like myself are also very conscious / anxious of their child’s class performance. It is heartwarming to see that I am not the only one freaking out. 🙂 Okay, perhaps “freaking out” is a bit of an exaggeration, but this much I know: we all want our children to do well, to excel, to learn and ultimately, be HAPPY while they’re at it.

I am making this blog for us, the Mommy Brigade.

Here you may expect to find lots of ideas that I nick, pick and pinch from lots of different sites and maybe some of my own. Worksheets, quizzes, reading materials, online activity sites, photos, games, and more.

I would love it if other mommies/daddies would share their ideas (and magic) too. Then, this blog will be true to its name.

Oh, Dylan’s back from school and I should go kiss him now!

Bye then, ’til next time!





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